Post-Op Haiku

Lately, under the influence of alcohol I get aware and excited about my top surgery, which I had back in January.  As alcohol tends to amplify our current emotions, this is understandable.  I’ve been writing lots about my top surgery because yes, it’s a big deal, and yes, I’m super happy now that it’s over!  

Since the surgery, I’ve felt complete and have been writing and posting more than ever, so that’s a wonderful benefit, besides the lessening of gender dysphoria.  It’s still there, but with my chest now conformed to how I feel inside, the burden is a bit lighter.  I can’t speak for all trans guys and trans masculine people out there, but at least for me, top surgery improved my emotional and psychological health.

Luckily, I have the support of my partner and parents; without which this whole process would have been difficult instead of a breeze. There was some pain of course, but I found the recovery to be fine, and like I said that’s because I had people around to help take care of me for the first week especially. I’m sure I’ll write about the whole process more in the future, so now I’d like to share a series of haiku written late one night when I was flying high on my post-op body and a bottle of wine.


if I could I would

keep my hands off my new chest

but I’m too happy


nothing can describe

the joy, freedom from flatness

my life is complete


drunk, awareness at

night, caressing my newness

too giddy to stop


A.M. reflections

shirtless, my new addiction

now that they are gone



© J.A. Smith 2019

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