Respect Pronouns

Today I experienced gender eurphoria when my new boss called me “he” in front of coworkers.  It was the best! I came out as transgender while working at my last job, and while people were supportive, pronouns were difficult.  I understand, it’s still hard to make the change with my family as well, so as long as people aren’t trying to be disrepectful I let it go. … Continue reading Respect Pronouns

Post-Op Haiku

Lately, under the influence of alcohol I get aware and excited about my top surgery, which I had back in January.  As alcohol tends to amplify our current emotions, this is understandable.  I’ve been writing lots about my top surgery because yes, it’s a big deal, and yes, I’m super happy now that it’s over!   Since the surgery, I’ve felt complete and have been … Continue reading Post-Op Haiku

Work in Progress

From time to time I look back over my old posts on and am often delighted, sometimes dismayed, and always intrigued when I don’t remember writing something! Recently, I was reacquianted with my old friend Alderch. He’s a side-note to my main work-in-progress novel, and he goes on many adventures of his own. Ultimately, I’m not sure if he will ever meet my other main … Continue reading Work in Progress

How to raise an affectionate cat

It’s a misconception that house cats are all nails and teeth, full of disdain, and containing no interest in being “nice.” Well that isn’t true; the sad truth is that too many cats aren’t socialized properly at a young age. As an owner of three super affectionate, non-scratching fur-babies, I’m reminded of how lucky I am. Here is my advice on raising a sweet kitten … Continue reading How to raise an affectionate cat

“On my sister, Z’Alenor”

In the last few days, I’ve been working on a companion poem for my speculative fiction novel, The Empry of Cheraste. I posted it on TheProse for their challenge of the month about villains. The novel is centered around Z’Alenor a “princess” from a cold, rough, war-hungry empire, ruled by an evil queen, Z’Atersab. Z’Alenor is sent to seduce, marry, and then murder the Queen of another … Continue reading “On my sister, Z’Alenor”

Illumination, Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris

© 2014 J. A. Smith All Rights Reserved Rows of prayer candles taken in 2014. I’m not religious but I love churches and cathedrals, and lighting candles for loved ones when I visit. Paris is one of my favorite cities, and I am lucky enough to have been there twice, so I figured it was a great first photograph to share.  There will definitely be … Continue reading Illumination, Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris

Welcome to my new blog

Hello Everyone! You may be familiar with my poetry blogs, MusingtoPieces and WeAreSoBroken, where I post my current and favorite poems.  Now, I’ve decided to create a place where I can share prose, photography and commentary on my favorite subjects.  These include: cats, anthropology, archaeology, history, travel, food, coffee, and wine.  Posts will range from experiences, to advice, to fictitious prose. Now I better get … Continue reading Welcome to my new blog